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Always felt like a home away from home

Always felt like a home away from home. Especially great during the week for low key nights outs for drinks.

Lisa DeSimone


Nicest dang peeps I have ever met runnin this place! Jeff and Kelly are the bees knees and y'all would be lucky to make their aquatints! Thank you for makin us feel so spesh, THIS PLACE IS THE BEST!

Nicole Miracle Skinner

Had so much fun!

The bartender Kelly was great, introduced me to some regulars as it was my first time. Despite wearing Red Sox gear she didn't give me hell and even talked baseball most of the night. Had a blast!

Paul Baillif

Cozy atmosphere

Tavern is one of the best places in Rockaway. I've always had a good time. Great people... great atmosphere. Bartenders are all amazing people. Very friendly place. I recommend Tavern on the rocks very highly.

Jenny Frost

Where all my friends hang out!

That's where all my friends hang out!!!!! Play pool have a bite to eat and enjoy each other's company

Bill Peckholdt

Best bar around!!!!

Tavern on the Rocks is such a fun little towny bar. Best bar around!!!!

Nikki Glidear Fourre

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